LAYER Collection

3D printing takes on an innovative twist to become interesting wearable jewellery.
Spend a moment to have a closer look at our LAYER Collection that adapts the revolutionary technology of laser sintering to modern jewellery design. Using digital 3D data a machine brings filigree objects into being which possess incredible amounts of detail and might seem impossible to be created. Every piece is built up layer by layer from special hand blended powder and ends up as one of various ultra light-weight designs.

There is almost no limits, any shape imaginable is possible and can be printed having a nearly seamless surface.

Having a closer look you will discover many amazing designs in different colours, some appear in familiar shapes while others remain more or less abstract.

The LAYER Collection exposes a wide range of different sizes and complexity.

Most likely you will find earrings, but in between there are also interesting rings and a few ear studs.

The powder based 3D jewellery appears in the different colours white, pink, purple, blue and black.

Explore the modern jewellery of our LAYER Collection with cute birds, jolly dogs, lovely hearts or scary skulls, abstract frames, stunning complexity and love for detail.

Price Range: 29.00 to 109.00 SGD
Availability: Marina Square, Mandarin Gallery and Westgate