BOHEMIAN Collection

Bold pieces of jewellery in natural tones, leather, feather, shells, beads, and woven threads.
Crafted boho whimsical jewellery embodies an authentic soul. With its instinctive looks, and flowing motif that are often made from natural materials, they should be in your “must-have” list!  The cooperation of glass beads, stones and bundle of tassels, boho style became a popular and elaborated style of jewellery. Bold, large faux crystals also decorated the pieces. Gypsy inspired coin bracelets encase fascinating history and traditions, a quaint piece reminiscent the old world. 

If you’re going for a nomadic look, grab some ruffling dress and add that final touch with selection from BOHEMIAN accessories.

Price Range: 29 to 49 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery , Westgate and 100AM