CRYSTINE Collection

Jewellery that sparkle and shine with every move you make.
People who value and wear statement jewellery are insightful and have a perfect sense of style. They are besotted with multi-coloured and "noisy" design motif. Loud, brightly coloured accessories also happen to be a great conversation pieces.

The selections comes with unorthodox jewellery, which include diamond-studded earrings, chunky bracelets, rings with bold colossal semi-precious gem stones and disco ball inspired earring made from a coruscating kaleidoscope of coloured sequins.

Complement your uniqueness wearing pieces of the CRYSTINE collection with great panache. Something from this collection will surely be a bonus piece to finally show your flair in fashion.

Price Range: 19.00 to 199.00 SGD
Availability: Marina Square and Westgate