BESPOKE Parfums Artisanaux

Power of scent heightened in hand-blended Extrait de Parfums, containing a plethora of raw ingredients.

BESPOKE Parfums Artisanaux

BESPOKE Parfums Artisanaux is home to a team of local Singaporeans exploring creative perfumery by challenging ancient traditions of the art and seeking new concoctions to interpret modern sophistication. The emotive power of scent is heightened in our hand-blended Extrait de Parfums and pure oils, each containing a plethora of raw ingredients carefully picked to elicit a response with a scent that lingers throughout the day.

BESPOKE carries 2 Pure Oil fragrance - Rosalyn and Medina. Medina Pure Oil has great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world with an oriental woody and intense depth for both him and her. This long-lasting pure fragrance features amber, musk, sandalwood and rare Arabian taif rose - a symbol of luxury and nobility. 

Rosalyn Pure Oil in the other hand has a feminine composition of floral, woody and foamy fruity essence. The red apple intoxicates and seduces together with white peach and bourbon vanilla in its top notes. A heart adds innocent and clean aromas of lotus, heliotrope and fresh green apple. Base notes round up with soft, warm vanilla and chocolate accompanied by creamy sandalwood nuances.

Our all-time popular fragrance of pure parfum, Peach, has an alluring woody floral fragrance with hints of sun-repined fruit. It starts with fresh notes of pineapple, bergamot and passion fruit. Pink peony, freesia and peach are at its heart. Subtle concoction of cedar, amber and musk bring depth and solidity to Peach Pure Parfum. 

Another honourable mention will be Eloise Pure Parfum, with its newly formulated concoction bring forth gentle and graceful essence. This scent features fresh notes of bergamot at the beginning of the composition, developing into essence of damask rose modernized with a magnolia accord. Following which, white musk and amber lingers heavenly on your skin.

BESPOKE also has something for the gents - check out Terracotta Musk. A hunky, intense, woody aromatic fragrance. Composite of daring yet admirable mix of petitgrain, cardamom with a zesty lemon, orange and fir on the top notes. As the fresh and sharp notes slowly dissipate and reveals the heart, the scent of jasmine, rosemary infused with rose and lily-of-the-valley emerge with a mellow and more rounded essence. The typical rich and "deep" scents brew from vetiver, musk, oakmoss and Brazilian rosewood gave a lasting impressions on your skin.

Price Range: 38.00 to 48.00 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate, 100AM