Inspired by art deco and vintage styles - ideal for completing your flapper look
May come across bold and crazy but still wearable piece and those who can pull it off deserve a standing ovation. RAZZLE DAZZLE design ranges from "elegant over-the-top" to "intensely artistic, vintage art deco inspired" jewellery. They can be your ideal staple piece - only if you're going to Disneyland.

The main focal point of the vintage earrings are mostly crafted from woods and the overall motif is embellished with trinkets made from plastic or adorned with fabric tassels. The elegant gold dangle earrings, peach rhinestone earring, feather with colourful beads silver earring inspired from Navajo styles or flower motif ear cuff are also available in this collection.

RAZZLE DAZZLE has a broad spectrum of style to choose from. A jewellery haven with a splendour blend of styles.

Price Range: 29 to 208 SGD
Availability: Marina Square, Mandarin Gallery and Westgate