925 Collection

Back to basics with simple everyday silver studs and dangles.
925 collection purvey elaborately decorated pieces. It runs a long list of beautifully crafted silver body adornment for the casual days or your fancy date.  A delicate studs with wide range of patterns, from the whimsical mermaid tail to Art Nouveau inspired flower and leaf motif. An affordable range of bright colourful faux crystals studs with plastic backing to cater to those with metal allergy. Other designs from this collection are cubic zirconia crystals affix on multi chain dangle earrings. 

Like the moon, silver reflects light that plays on its surface, treating the eyes to beautiful soft tones of greys, range from brilliant and brassy to smouldering and smoky. Silver accessory never gets boring, not with 925 selection of petite and chic jewellery.

Price Range: 15 to 128 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery , Westgate and 100AM