PASTEL Collection

Ceramic jewellery in colourful pastel hues.
What never gets old are stud earrings. With intricate designs, ear piercing has been a popular jewellery wore back in the old days. Explore Pastel collections of the upgrade versions of those vintage studs. Handmade from ceramic and porcelain, these homespun studs are great for daily wear.

The selections comes in lovely and endearing designs such as intricate flower petals, paper planes and inspired raw cut stone shapes coated in colourful pastel hues. The mini studs give you room to pair them with a dangle earrings or stack a few studs on the ear helix for that "cute but chic" look.

These bijou selections are a unique additions to your jewellery collections, suited for dressing up or down on any occasions.

Price Range: 18 to 29 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate and 100AM