Mien Label.Co

Design sentimental and timeless jewellery piece to create treasured gifts for you.


Beautiful and timeless jewellery pieces designed are sentimental to each unique wearer. Mien Label.Co jewellery are handcrafted and personalised to create treasured bespoke gifts.

Other than using good quality material for the designs of each jewellery, to serve as a reminder, motivational messages are engraved on each jewellery. Each pieces are assembled and hand stamped in-house.

A personalised piece are available as well for immortalising special moments in your life, making the jewellery you wear carry a true story of your life. Drop by our stores to check out Mien Label.Co new designs and have a chat with us to know more about personalising your favourite jewellery from Mien Label.Co

Price Range: 35.00 to 55.00 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate and 100AM