JADE Collection

Exquisite designs inspired with the use of seemingly traditional jade parts.
A luxurious piece and aesthetically refined earthly resources, jade has existed in many culture around the world, dated to early history. They are a common piece of jewellery in some culture and held a special attractions for mankind for many years.

With the use of seemingly traditional jade parts combine with intricate metal work, JADE jewellery has for you a collection of exquisitely beautiful pieces. Our selections offers a wide-range of expressive designs and modern concepts. Multi-coloured jade stones blend together in a seamless concoction are also available.

Aside from being known to convey affluence, captivate affection and helps with self-healing, it’s also perfect for that that evening dinner or a fancy date.

Price Range: 19 to 159 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate and 100AM