MINIMAL Collection

Simple sleek statement pieces for everyday wear.

MINIMAL collection is highly versatile using comparatively humble materials and keeping a subtle design. If you are not fond of gold colour you might want to have a look at other variations of your favourite ring, necklace or earrings which also available in silver or matte black.

These pieces will suit everybody who keeps up with the trends, but also has a deep rooted appreciation for classics with a simple twist. Minimal details with major impact will cater everyone’s taste!

MINIMAL add few classic and staple accessories in your stash, not only suited for the simplistic but also the sophisticated and complex styles. A soft touch of luminous pearls and iridescent seashell adds a "wow" factor in the design motif.

Price Range: 25 to 56 SGD 

Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate and 100AM