ROOTS Collection

Beauty of nature encapsulated in resin.
Over centuries, fresh flowers, raw and natural materials are being used as jewellery in many parts of the world. But the natural states will wither and it decays over time. With the modernization of time, the commonplace becomes extraordinary.

With simple method of hardening elements and materials with resin, you can easily capture nature in a selection of vessels. Discover ROOTS collections of natural materials such as flowers, wood barks and leaves preserves in its natural form and keeping its original colour and texture.

Looking fresh and realistic as you adorn them, you surely be the centre of attraction as your friends marvels at ROOTS selection of perpetual jewelleries. Own these beautifully created natural treasures preserves in hand-cast resins.

Price Range: 29 to 159 SGD
Availability: Mandarin Gallery, Westgate and 100AM