Describe a random day at excluniqueeee’s hideout

Almost always the earliest to reach the office, I usually start my day replying emails/ going for meetings with potential partners of excluniqueeee. Despite the heavy workload, I like to keep the office atmosphere relaxed by sharing laughs with the team. I think that really uplifts the entire morale of the team and that increases their productivity as well.


What is an exclusive or unique product to you?

Something that is not commercially found. Best if it is handmade ‘cause no two item will be exactly the same.


Fun fact ‘bout you?

My friends always tell me that I’m funny but I always tell them stuff which are actual things that happened to me so… I guess my life’s a joke. LOL


What is a local slang you often use?

Ending everything with LA LOR LEH. Singlish is my thing. I like to use Singlish cause I feel that it has a certain charisma that screams ‘SINGAPORE’. However, I only use Singlish when I’m feel comfortable with the people I’m talking to.


What are your thoughts about the local creative industry?

Singapore is still very underdeveloped in the creative industry and I think that there is a lot of potential creative talents are waiting to be uncovered and that’s what excluniqueeee is here for.