About Us

About Us

excluniqueeee is Singapore’s first e-commerce platform that will feature all local exclusive and unique design, music, art, crafts, brands, start-ups all in one single platform.

excluniqueeee lives by the quote: “You Only Live Once” we believe that life is short and shouldnt be spent doing what we dont enjoy. If we enjoy what we do then work becomes pure pleasure and great things will be produced. We are looking for the unique products which are exclusively from Singapore. excluniqueeee aims to gather the best of our local designers, artists and crafters to market products that are “Made in Singapore” to the world and to provide a platform for budding/established local talents to promote and exhibit their products to a larger market. We welcome all who are passionate about their wares and want to share them with the our local people and the global audience.

“You only live once”

excluniqueeee is the first e-commerce site based in Singapore to combine all creative fields in one single platform. We want to encourage all to join us in the journey to help grow the awareness of local talents. We are on the search for hidden ‘gems’ that have been undiscovered for far too long. We offer a digitised gallery so as to allow local creative talents have a chance at work-life balance by doing the selling for them. All of our products are carefully selected to make sure that they have that uniqueness we strive to achieve.

At excluniqueeee, it’s not about us. IT’S ABOUT YOU. We want everyone to have a chance at doing something they like as a hobby or even as a full time job. We aspire to nurture and grow the local creative talents and push their works out to the global stage.

What are you waiting for? Come embark on your journey today!